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Addictions Counsellor

Skype Counselling Appointments Available


Joanne is one of the most respected and professional counsellors in the field of addictions and definitely a pioneer of Recovery in South Africa. 


With that in mind, Joanne is also an extremely exciting and eclectic therapist who treats every client as special and different!


Joanne has been counselling for more than 23 years and is an Accredited Addictions Counsellor NCAC with the FDAP (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals UK).

Woman Trashed

Suburban, middle-class, and from a good family – this is what makes Joanne Brodie’s story all the more shocking.


It is the dual account of the relentless seduction of the impulse to self-destruct and, at the same time, the human spirit’s desperate desire to survive.

People Who Are Addicted To Sex

Excessive engagement in prostitution, pornography, phone and chat room sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism and compulsive masturbation – such behaviours may point to sexual addiction. 


In this book, Joanne Brodie pulls away the blankets to uncover the hidden reality of a condition that has become prevalent in our increasingly sexualised society.


"I am an Accredited Addictions Counsellor NCAC with the FDAP.


I love my work and particularly when I see clients faces start to change – then I know that the process is working and happening! Shifts happen on the inside never on the outside but for me they reflect very subtly on their faces.


One of the most important things that I can do is continue to grow because that allows me the space to give permission for my clients to grow and blossom" - Joanne